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Bicycle rental
Bicycle rental

On the Veluwe over the moors and  through the woods and to the IJssel River; in our neighourhood one can cycle for ever. You didn't bring your own bicycle? No problem, we rent out several types of bicycles and go-karts and child's seats.

Bicycle rental

                                               per day                       per week

Ladies/gents bicycle               € 7,50                         € 37,50

child's seat                              €   4,00                       € 20,00

e-bike*                                   € 18,50                       € 80,00

tandem*                                 € 15,00                       € 75,00

children's bike                        €   6,00                       € 30,00

go-kart*                                  x                                 € 50,00

atb bike*                                € 15,00                       € 75,00

kid kar*                                  €   8,00                       € 42,50

Trailer-cycle*                          € 15,00                       € 75,00

*     These bicycles are not in stock on the campsite, they will be delivered asap by the bike shop. Day rentals is from 9 am to 8 pm.

Jeu de boules
Jeu de boules

Next to our sports field is the jeu de boules ground. You can use it freely.

Multisport field
Multisport field

Game for some soccer or basketball? Our multipurpose sports field is just right for that. We can also put up a tennis net, that way you can play ball. Ask at reception.

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