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The story of heggie

The story of Heggie

The story of Heggie

A long time ago there lived a little fox called Heggie. He lived in the woods between Vaassen and Apeldoorn. In these woods, Heggie had made his den and could live happily. Next to the woods were grain fields and Heggie loved grain. He could always eat deliciously from this.

At one point, people started protecting their grain fields from bad weather (wind and rain) and made a wall along the grain fields with branches and wood. The wind blew sand against this, creating a really solid wall. After his hibernation, Heggie woke up and he had gotten so hungry after months of sleeping, that he ran quickly to the grain fields to have a nice meal. But, Heggie no longer saw the wheat fields anywhere! His forest
looked different, there were walls of branches and sand everywhere and Heggie was getting very hungry now.

Heggie decided to wander in search of a viable area with enough food. That's how he eventually ended up at Camping de Zandhegge. (That's around the play barn here). Heggie thought, if there are people, there is bound to be food. The people at the campsite had heard that there was a fox and since they were quite a bit scared, they put some food in front of the tent every night before going to bed. After a night's sleep, the plates were always empty because Heggie liked this food even more than cereal. Because Heggie was fed so well, he was able to grow very old and is still alive today somewhere here at the campsite. In fact, it seems that Heggie

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